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Dental Anxiety

Dental Anxiety

You are not alone. To give you the best possible comfort during your visit to the dentist, it is important that you let us know if you have dental fear or anxiety.

We help you get rid off dental anxiety in Oslo!

We’ll help you smile – also at the dentist’s!

If you have dental phobia, you are not alone. We have extensive experience with meeting patients with dental phobia. We at Torshov Tannlegesenter in Oslo daily meet patients with dental phobia and have good practices to reduce your fear of the dentist.

Overcome your dental anxiety

Because of dental anxiety or fear, your dental check-up may be long overdue and you’ve postponed treating major dental problems for too long? You may have stopped smiling to hide your teeth? You may have untreated dental pain? This affects you negatively both physically and mentally. The response from our patients with dental anxiety is that they feel that life is getting brighter after they overcome their dental anxiety. They have got a nice smile and can smile and laugh again. More importantly, they’ve regained their self-confidence. They become more social and rapport significantly better quality of life. We are proud to have been able to help our patients to overcome their dental anxiety. We will gladly help you too. Take the first and most important step and make an appointment for an examination today.

Our first meeting

The dentist at Torshov Tannlegesenter have extensive experience of patients with dental anxiety.

We take enough time for our first meeting for you be comfortable with us.

If you’ve told us that you’re afraid or anxious we’ll take extra time for you. We’ll discuss what makes you scared and find a solution that’s good for you. If you agree, we’ll proceed with an examination. A check-up includes examination of masticatory muscles and temporomandibular joint. We check the mouth, bite, tongue, gums and teeth. Radiographs are taken if needed. Easier scaling and polishing are included. After the examination, you will receive a non-binding therapy plan and cost estimate based on your needs. For those who need it, there is the possibility of premedication with oral medication before treatment. General anesthesia is another option. However, during the general anesthesia you are exposed to an unnecessary risk and also avoids to handling your fear.

Treatment of dental anxiety

Treating dental anxiety in Oslo it's essential with a dentist whom you can trust.

See a dentist you trust.

Whether you need preventive treatment or extensive rehabilitation, we’ll discuss your options with explanatory models in front of us. Together, we make a plan. During both the discussion and the treatment it is important that you know that you have control over the situation and the right to interrupt the dentist to take a break or to ask questions. We want to have a dialogue with you and want to ensure that you are aware of how to maintain and improve your oral health. Learn more about our treatments here.

Our goal is for you to have an healthy and happy smile!

Hedvig, one of our patients, described her experience:

“I had a strong dental fear when I started seeing Sara at Torshov Tannlegesenter. I was approached by kindness and understanding. Together, I managed to verbalize my fear. Sara is gentle, friendly and a really good dentist. Takes her time to explain the process. That’s probably what made it go so well and fine for me. Now I happily go to Sara. Thank you Sara for being there for me!”


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