Price list

Our price list will give you an indication of what a treatment may cost. The rates vary depending on what treatment and material you chose. We recommend that you start with a full examination so you can receive a specific cost estimate.

Affordable dentist price Oslo.
We offer affordable prices and a high quality.

After your first full examination you’ll receive a written, non-binding cost estimate on further treatment. An initial full examination is necessary to evaluate if you are entitle to reimbursement from Helfo (the dental social security program). Dentist prices in Oslo vary. We at Torshov Tannlegesenter want to keep prices affordable for our patients, while keeping high-quality equipment, materials and expertise. Our dentists have direct communication with Helfo, which means that you only pay your deductible. If you have financial difficulties, you can also seek the advice of NAV, we accept patients with requisition from NAV. Are you considering major treatments, such as implants or bridges, we offer free consultation. Contact us if you have any questions regarding our price list.


Undersøkelsepakke for faste pasienter – inkl. 4 røntgen, enklere fjerning av tannstein, puss og polering, hygienetiltak.980 kr
Undersøkelse620 kr
Røntgenbilde135 kr
Bedøvelse145 kr
Tannpleie595 kr
Fylling 1 flate995 kr
Fylling 2 flater1279 kr
Fylling 3 flater1586 kr
Kronefra 5100 kr + tannteknikk
Skallfasettfra 5100 kr + tannteknikk
Porslensfylling (innlegg, onlay)fra 5100 kr + tannteknikk per ledd
Brofra 5100 kr + tannteknikk per ledd
Gebiss (Protese)fra 10 800 kr + tannteknikk
Rotfylling fortannfra 3700 kr
Rotfylling jekselfra 5490 kr
Bittskinne3555 kr (etter trygderefusjon)
Snorkeskinnefra 6000 til 9000 kr
Sportskinne (tannbeskytter)2995 kr
Tannbleking, 2 kjever3950 kr
Dyp rens (periobehandling)918 kr (etter trygderefusjon)
Tanntrekking enkelfra 885 kr
Tanntrekking komplisertfra 1280 kr
Kirurgisk fjerning av tannfra 1780 kr (etter trygderefusjon)
Tannimplantat, inkludert tannteknikkfra 18 700 til 25 000 kr
Invisalign, inkl. tannbleking og Vivera retainerfra 28 000 til 55 000 kr (fra 1380kr/mnd**)
Inman Aligner, inkl. tannblekingfra 18 000 til 23 000 kr
Hygienetiltak (tilkommer hvert besøk)110 kr
Ubenyttet timeavtale*(80% av honorar)1654 kr/per klokketime avsatt tid

Prices are indicative. You get like a specific and non-binding cost estimate from your dentist.

*Change/cancellation of appointment/consultation must be made by telephone on working days (Monday to Friday), at least 24 hours in advance. Long appointments (over 60 min.) Must be changed at least 48 hours in advance. Unused or late changing of appointments is charged with 80% of the fee for allocated time.

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